Atlantic Blankets – A Transform Journey

4th January, 2018

With a background in marketing and PR, a degree in journalism, and a passion for the Cornish lifestyle, Gemma Teague took on flagging luxury blanket company Atlantic Blankets in 2014 with a determination to succeed.

Founded in 2006, the business was in need of new direction and an owner with the motivation to drive it forward. Gemma was ready to tackle the task head on. By the second year of owning Atlantic Blankets there was already a feeling of transformation within the company.

Atlantic Blankets

Following the recommendation of another Transform client, Gemma had signed up to receive business support including one-to-one coaching from Oxford Innovation’s team of experts. The focus of early sessions was around finances including costs, cashflow, financial and management reports. As Gemma gained more understanding and control of these fundamentals, the business started to flourish and grow organically.

Gemma is currently working with Transform coach Helen Stembridge, an experienced senior leader with significant sales and marketing experience across both the public and private sectors in complex and competitive environments. Helen has been helping Gemma with her marketing strategies and business operation logistics.

Helen Stembridge

“Atlantic Blankets have a fantastic product range and a very loyal customer base. I have worked with them to define and profile who their customer is and calculate the most effective way of reaching them. We have created social media strategies to support this and tested various messages. We have also considered packaging, logistics and supplier relationships.”
– Helen Stembridge, Oxford Innovation

An ambition Gemma always had for the business was to design her own blanket collections. The idea had been floating around for a while, so using strategic business decision-making, and looking at this move from a business perspective as opposed to the ‘storytelling’ or marketing angle, Gemma had the confidence and tools to plan and develop these new products.

Atlantic Blankets now sells 10 – 15 of its own designs which have sold solidly since being introduced. Demand for these lines is forecast to grow even more in 2018, and there are plans to increase the range of designs and the variety of available sizes and options.

Gemma Atlantic Blankets

“It’s knowing that it’s the right thing and working on it from a financial business-led point of view. Knowing it was right for the business gave us confidence to think ‘right, we can do this’.”
– Gemma Teague, Atlantic Blankets

Gemma has recently been joined in the business by her fiancé, whose new role involved exploring potential new wholesale clients. This side of the business has developed since being approached by a ski chalet wanting to make a large wholesale order, opening up a new opportunity for growth and business recognition.

Gemma also plans to take on a new team member to help with packaging and dispatching orders, which comes from having the confidence to know that her time is better spent on developing the business.

February will see the business take on a new unit, including an office, stock space and showroom in anticipation of further growth throughout 2018 and beyond.

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