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Mother of two Jodine launched her business with one product in 2012 after inventing the multi award-winning Gummee Glove teething mitten to help her son, Jimmy, when he was teething as a baby.

Jimmy would constantly gnaw on his hands, becoming frustrated and making his skin sore. Jodine created the Gummee Glove to solve the problem.

These innovative teethers now help parents through every step of the way of their child’s teething journey.

March 2017 saw the launch of new mouthing glove product Happy Hands in the UK. It has been invented in direct response to increased online demand from parents seeking a suitable product for young people whose additional needs cause them to bite and chew.


 Oxford Innovation Business Coach Alan Bartlett worked with Jodine to help Gummee:
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    Develop new distribution networks
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    Extend the product range
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    Protect intellectual property
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    Comply with international market requirements
Business coaching has also helped to prioritise and increase effectiveness in key areas including: 
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    Setting budgets
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    Setting team roles
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    Raising brand awareness and Jodine’s own personal profile to maximise sales potential


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    Within five years the company has grown from nothing to generating a total turnover of more than £1 million
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    Gummee sells a range of innovative and unique teething products worldwide both online and through dedicated distribution networks in 17 countries
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    Surpassed its target for the current financial year with turnover exceeding £420,000
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    Jodine recently took to the stage alongside TV ‘Dragons’ Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden to share her story at a major UK business conference
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    She is also regularly invited to speak about her experiences at business events throughout the South West
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The support and advice I’ve received through Oxford Innovation’s coaching team has been fantastic. It is an amazing resource, particularly for someone relatively new to the world of business like me. They continually challenge me to look at the bigger picture and have worked with me on many aspects of the business to set an agenda for taking it forward.

Jodine Boothby

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My focus has primarily been to act as a sounding board, helping to channel the entrepreneurial mindset of the business by challenging their thinking and approach, particularly connected to new products, market and distributor development.

Alan Bartlett
Oxford Innovation Business Coach

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