DM Orthotics Talks About Productivity at London Conference

5th July, 2018

Dan Severn, Operations Director at Transform client DM Orthotics, delivered a talk at the ERC Annual Conference recently about the fantastic manufacturing opportunities in Cornwall. His talk covered the importance of both productivity and place, capitalising on location, boosting productivity and ‘product miles saved’.

Via the Transform programme, DM Orthotics has received coaching from Oxford Innovation business coach Mike Jobson, who specialises in sales, marketing and business development. The team at DM Orthotics has also received coaching from Louise Hutton-Bailey, who leads Transform’s Operational Excellence coaching team.

Dan Severn DM Orthotics

“Productivity is a measure of output vs. the effort that you put in. The government is very keen on it, as it forms the foundation of the recent industrial strategy announced earlier this year. It’s about doing the right thing, doing it right, [as well as] involving and investing in your team. It means more output for the input, money for profitability, growth and investment, or rewarding yourself better.”
Louise Hutton-Bailey
Operational Excellence Coaching Team Lead, Transform

The government’s industrial strategy
The Industrial Strategy is the Government’s long-term plan to help boost productivity and job creation in UK businesses.

It identifies five main areas as key to driving growth in these areas:

  • Ideas
  • People
  • Infrastructure
  • Business environment
  • Places

Read more about the Government’s vision to “make more of our untapped potential and create a more productive economy that works for everyone across the UK” here.

Oxford Innovation Business Coaching and Measuring Productivity
On the Transform programme, our coaching teams support high growth businesses across Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly as they seek to improve productivity and output to drive growth. Our network of experienced coaches help businesses identify ways to improve productivity through operational excellence and strong leadership and management practices.

“Productivity is a key driver of economic prosperity. If the UK attained the same level of productivity as the US, every household would be c£21k pa better off. Gains can be made but it is a complex blend of organisational culture, sales strategy, operational improvements and maximising use of assets. Cornwall currently lags behind the rest of the UK in productivity per employee but clients of Oxford Innovation are tracked for performance against this measure and those engaged on our high growth programmes have shown an average gain of 86%. This is a seriously impressive statistic and is contributing to the rising performance of businesses in Cornwall & Isles of Scilly with the consequential benefit for the economy as a whole.”
– Andrew Finley
Business Coach and Relationship Director
Oxford Innovation

Micro Business Britain Enterprise Research

A recent social media poll suggests that there are a few components to how small businesses can drive increased productivity, including:

  • Ambitious Leadership (20%)
  • Going International (18%)
  • Innovative Technology (24%)
  • Empowering Employees (38%)
What Makes The Perfect Team

Recent research from Google into what makes the perfect team studied high performance teams and tried to find a common denominator. A high level of IQ? Emotional intelligence? Socialising? The ‘right’ mix of people? What was the magic key that insured success?

One factor stood out from the rest: the creation of psychologically safe spaces. In teams where each person has a voice, there is no belittling or demeaning, every idea matters, every person matters; in these spaces magic happens, creativity flows and productivity increases.

“Leaders must listen to allow each member of their team a voice, creating space where issues can be raised, where hurt, upset and celebrations are given equal time, where ideas can be explored, experimented with and sometimes implemented. In doing this the team will give their all and productivity will increase.”
Sara Webb
Leadership & Management Coach Team Lead, Transform

To learn more about how Transform can support your high growth business in leadership, management, operational excellence, and improving productivity, get in touch here or phone us on 01872 300116.

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