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Our Transform events cover a multitude of subjects and take place in a variety of locations across Cornwall. Details of upcoming workshops are below – Are you interested in attending one of the following events? Book your place via Eventbrite now.

Marketing for Success

Staff Bios Martin Williams Circular

With consumers having ever-shorter attention spans, does your business stand out from the crowd?

You may be proud of the product or service your business offers, but if the message isn’t getting through to your target audience you could be missing out on substantial sales.

This interactive half-day workshop delivered by Martin Williams will help you develop a strategic marketing plan that ensures you’re communicating to the right people, through the right channels, using the right message.

This session will empower you to:

  • Explain your compelling, value-driven proposition in a way customers will resonate with
  • Gain a new perspective on your customers’ likes and behaviours
  • Understand how and why you stand out from the competition
  • Understand the importance of your brand

Financial Tools

Theda Gray 717w Circular

Do you have a proper grasp of your business’ finances?

Taking a pro-active role in managing cash flow could help you grow your business’ profits and make the world of difference to your bottom line.

This session will empower you to:

  • Dispel the myths / fears around business finance
  • Approach pricing and how it impacts your profits
  • Understand the importance of forecasting
  • Investigate cloud software / tools to help you better manage your business

This interactive session is delivered by Oxford Innovation’s Theda Gray and Meredydd Jones, business coaches with extensive experience in management accounting and finance strategy, in a relaxed and confidential setting.

Staff Bios Meredydd Jones 717w

Practical Strategic Planning

Have you considered the direction of your business and the goals and steps required to get there? Do you have tangible indicators to help measure your success as you grow? Your vision remains a priority, but are there any threats to your plan?

This practical and interactive workshop will leave you with a robust overview of your business and action plan, ready to move forward.

The session delivered by Andrew Upton will include:

  • Setting the vision, mission and aims for your business
  • Developing actions and targets
  • Planning strategic objectives with specific actions and key performance indicators with timescales
  • Understanding the strengths and gaps within your business
  • Adding proven strategy process to your toolbox to be used again and again
Andrew Upton Business Coach Transform Cornwall

Great Leadership for a Successful Business

Sara Webb 717w Circular

The future success of your business is dependent on your ability to lead and manage effectively.

Whether you’re a sole trader or employ a team of people, this interactive workshop will give you the opportunity to invest in your personal development around leadership – and explore the positive impact your role as an effective leader and manager can have on your business as a whole.

The session will provide you with the tools to build and inspire a team that’s working at the top of its game.

This session led by Sara Webb and Beverley Warne, will empower you to:

  • Understand the key differences between leadership and management
  • Identify what good leadership and management looks like for your business by working with proven models and tools
  • Get the best out of new and existing members of your team
  • Formulate a tangible action plan that you can implement in your business straight away
Staff Bios Beverley Warne Circular

Effective Selling

Helen Stembridge 717w Circular

With increased competition both online and on the high street, being able to clearly articulate your offering and identify your customers, will help you concentrate your time and energy on the right markets and the right channels.

What do you need to consider to establish a sales strategy? How do you ensure your entire team and partners endorse and respond accurately to your clients’ needs? Working on your sales strategy will give you the focus to ensure your services and products stand out to your target markets.

This practical and interactive workshop will leave you with a comprehensive review of your sales process, helping you and your team to get the right message to the right people. By the end of this session led by Helen Stembridge, you will be able to confidently:

  • Differentiate your sales strategy from your business strategy
  • Identify your target customer
  • Define your value proposition
  • Tune your sales approach and pitch to your target clients
  • Review your customer buying behaviour
  • Shape up your customer relationship

Pitching and Presentation

As the offer of products and services seem to be ever growing, capturing clients’ attention and converting them to return to your business is becoming increasing challenging.

Equally, convincing another supplier to choose you over a competitor and keeping its custom could make a significative difference to your turnover and profit margin. How to then best present your offer and stand out from the crowd?

This practical workshop is designed to help you win new business by making sure your pitch meets and exceeds your clients or a potential partner’s expectations.

You will learn techniques and strategies that help you understand your clients’ psychology and present your services and products as the most suitable solution to their needs. It will help you build confidence in presenting and ensuring the structure and the method of pitching gets all of the relevant points (your clients want) to allow them to make the best decisions.

By the end of this session led by Will Cairley, you will have:

  • Identified your current offer strength and uniqueness
  • A formed structure and method of pitching
  • Identified your clients and partner’s expectations
Staff Bios William Cairley Circular

Smart Marketing and Selling

Staff Bios Martin Williams Circular

Are your marketing and sales strategies working together to drive up your sales efficiently? Do you know who your target clients are and why they are specifically choosing to buy your products or services? Are you making the most of your Unique Selling Points and communication channels to engage the right people using the right messages?

Over this two day course, you will be guided by our expert business coaches to devise a marketing plan alongside an effective sales strategy that gets your brand to stand out. This is your chance to step outside of your day to day business to consider your current approach, its effectiveness and develop an integrated strategy to support your business growth.

This interactive and practical 2 day course will help you:

  • Clarify your value proposition
  • Consider your customer segments and brand positioning
  • Define your Unique Selling Points
  • Map your customer journey
  • Review your pricing strategy
  • Improve the effectiveness of your media channels, traditional and digital
  • Refine and enhance your approach to sales

This workshop is delivered by Oxford Innovation’s business coaches Martin Williams, Helen Stembridge and Marta Rybarczyk who will share their extensive knowledge of sales, traditional and digital marketing acquired working with companies nationally and internationally including Lego, Skinner’s Brewery, Royal Mail Group, and the Financial Times.

Helen Stembridge Peboryon Coach Circle
M Rybarczyk 1024x683

Finding and Keeping Great People

Sarah Pryce 717w Circular V2

Whether you are a seasoned recruiter or needing to find the first ever member of staff for your business, finding the perfect person can feel daunting.

What skills do you need? Where do you find the perfect person and what package can you offer to tempt them? How do you assess whether the ‘confident team player with extensive experience’ really delivers on their promises? How do you get the new recruit to fit within your current team and the ethos of your business? And importantly, once you have the winning team, how do you keep them motivated and focused?

Using practical case studies and examples, this interactive workshop is aimed at business owners or leaders who want to develop a pragmatic and effective way to build their team. Top tips, practical examples, some pitfalls to avoid and a dollop of common sense make this workshop one not to be missed.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Challenge your thinking about the ideal candidate
  • Be true to your brand
  • Make the most of the deal you can offer, even when budget is tight
  • Write effective recruitment material
  • Design a useful and workable recruitment timeline and process
  • Stay legal
  • Create an environment where people thrive

This session is led by Oxford Innovation’s Sarah Pryce, a business owner and coach with extensive experience in HR and Organisational Development, in a relaxed and confidential setting.

Digital Marketing

This session led byMarta Rybarczyk is a follow up from the “Marketing for Success” foundation course.

In today’s digital world, having an online presence is crucial for business success, especially if you are trying to grow. It can speed up your ability to gain awareness and generate sales. The challenge lies where there are many elements making up digital marketing, how do business owners prioritise their time?

This interactive workshop is designed to help you put together a digital marketing plan which works for you. The course will fast track your understanding of different digital marketing techniques including an introduction to:

  • Getting the most out of your website
  • Search
  • Online advertising
  • Social Content
  • Digital measurement

By the end of this session, you will have:

  • Knowledge of some basic digital jargon
  • An understanding of different channels and formats and their role within digital marketing
  • Some tools to help you plan your digital marketing campaign
  • A digital marketing plan framework
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