Oh So Social – A Transform Journey

15th February, 2018

If the start of 2018 is anything to go by, the future looks bright for Katherine George, Managing Director at specialist social media marketing agency Oh So Social. As well as being placed in Business Cornwall’s 30 Under 30 list for the second year running, Katherine has just been named as a mentor for Facebook’s “She Means Business” campaign – an initiative designed to empower women to start their own businesses.

That said, life under the spotlight is nothing new for Katherine or Oh So Social. The company has won numerous awards in recent years, including Best Digital Media Company and Best Social Media Engagement Initiative at the Cornwall Live EDGE Awards, while Katherine is a previous winner of Young Business Person of the Year at the Cornwall Business Awards.

Oh So Social’s small team of marketing experts use their skills and wide knowledge base to support businesses with social media marketing strategies, placing innovation and new ideas at the forefront of their work.

Katherine & Oxford Innovation Business Coaching

The company’s turnover has doubled over the past 18 months, during which time Katherine has worked with Oxford Innovation coach Sarah Pryce via the Transform programme. The business has grown from offering services to local clients to supporting nationally and internationally with their marketing strategies.

“The Growth Hub put me in touch with Oxford Innovation and my first impression was amazing! I thought it was brilliant that we could work with such a high level of coaches in Cornwall. I think it’s a brilliant opportunity for all businesses in Cornwall.”
– Katherine, Oh So Social

Coaching from Oxford Innovation has helped Katherine gain a new perspective on her business, as well as allowing her to develop new skills to make the most of her team. One of the benefits of the Transform programme is the access to an array of coaches with different specialisms and experience that you can draw from.

Sarah Pryce

“Over the last year or so I have worked with Katherine to design a structure that is future proof and to build a strong team at Oh So Social.  We started from basics – a wall covered with post it notes, each one a task to be done or a skill that we knew the business needed.  That allowed us to experiment with some ‘what if’ scenarios until we came up with the structure that best matched Katherine’s ambitious growth plans for the business.  Getting the right structure in place and finding the right people who match the Oh So Social ethos, has allowed Katherine to move from doing to leading.  She will always be a social media expert, but now she is a business leader too.”
– Sarah Pryce, Oxford Innovation Business Coach

 “Transform has given me self-confidence and self-belief.  I knew I was good at social media, but Sarah has helped me become a Managing Director and a business owner.”
– Katherine, Oh So Social

 “[Coaching has] helped me see the wood from the trees, encouraging me to think long term and giving me the skills to delegate. Transform has given me access to business coaches with so much more experience than me.  Sarah is my sounding board – she has also shown me the power of post it notes and we do our best work over a shared packet of biscuits!”
– Katherine, Oh So Social

 “To this day we still love the flexibility and visual impact of post-it notes for planning. In this photo, taken early in 2018, we were thrashing out a marketing plan that maximises the impact of some exciting new developments in Katherine’s business.”
Sarah Pryce, Oxford Innovation Business Coach

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