Sara Webb – Leadership & Management Excellence Q&A

7th November, 2017

Sara Webb is the coach team leader for Transform’s Leadership and Management Excellence team. Sara’s expertise lies within planning, leadership and project development life cycle all with a focus on proven strategies for business growth.

Sara Webb
“Exceptional leaders recognise that there is never an absolute opinion; instead, there is only perception. ”

Why is Leadership and Management an important area for a business?

Leadership is at the heart of any business; being part of a team with an inspiring leader creates an energetic and dynamic environment leading to growth as everyone works towards a common goal. Research shows that leaders are often the reason people stay in role, not the salary or the benefits; it is the person leading that keeps us there and motivates us to commit.

What challenges do businesses face in this area?

When real business life gets in the way, our knowledge of leading gets pushed to the side. Instead, it is the urgent matter for that day: cash flow, orders to get out, standards to be kept up. The leader will be under pressure to perform and ultimately keep the business growing – and it can be easy to forget that as the boss your actions will influence the whole team.

Exceptional leaders recognise that there is never an absolute opinion; instead, there is only perception. Points of view change based on our own experiences. Our ability to think that our opinion is the absolute truth can sometimes work against a happy and innovative environment; bosses can silence creativity and growth when they do not take the time to consider the opinion of others within the team.

What has Transform done to help?

At Oxford Innovation we offer a chance to stop and evaluate: what is your leadership style, what works well, what could be better, what can you do to create a cohesive team? We work with managing directors, senior teams / board members and the whole team using proven tools in one-to-one coaching, one-to-many or workshop environments. We assist leaders in becoming the best they can be and in doing this allow space to create high functioning and optimum performing teams.

Sign up to Sara’s ‘Great Leadership for a Successful Business’ workshop via Eventbrite now.

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