Studio Haran Collaborate with London Brand on New Products

31st August, 2018

Joel and Helena at Studio Haran are currently developing a new lighting range in collaboration with heritage homeware brand Heals, which will be launching on 14th October 2018. They’ll also be attending the prestigious 3-week ‘Festival of Lights’ event situated at the Heals flagship store on Tottenham Court Road, amongst the world’s premium designer brands, in celebration of the best in contemporary lighting. You can read more about the event here.

“It’s really exciting to be developing this new lighting range with Heals. Festival of Lights is what we were talking about when Joe [Dennett] first got here: our dream was to be there, and now it’s a reality.”
Studio Haran

When Joel and Helena first started receiving coaching, they identified that design was their passion, but production was taking up a lot of their time. They started with the Business Model Canvas which helped to set objectives, a lot of which have now been achieved including their collaboration with Heals and getting their products into major London stores. They’ve gone from being a bespoke carpentry business, to a brand that specialises in sustainable woodwork and ceramic design, and creating modern homeware and lighting products.

Studio Haran Transform Coach Joe Dennett

They’ve always been designers rather than craftsmen, and originally the crafting was taking up the vast majority of their time. So, there’s been a move towards freeing up time for design, while keeping the operation and production going. We started with the Business Model Canvas, and a lot of the targets they set have been met so we’re now looking to revisit that. The view has narrowed down to focusing on their goals, markets, products and clientele, and we’re now looking at exactly where they want to go over the next few years.”
Joe Dennett
Transform Coach

“Since we’ve been with Transform, and had that time with Joe, we’ve been getting more organised within the business which was the main aim for this year. We’ve honed in on who we are, and what we want to do in each aspect of the business. It gives you confidence to know that you’re going into the right direction and doing the right things.”
Studio Haran

Studio Haran Lights

“Having the time to go through everything has helped us to solidify where we want to be and how to get there. We’ve come a long way, and we’re where we want to be, but it’s helped to have that guidance along the way. One of the biggest things for us is being able to take the time out, where we talk about the business rather than just doing the day-to-day work.  We can spend time thinking about where we want to be and how we’re going to get there.”
Studio Haran

Since refining their products, clientele and markets, Studio Haran have been growing and capturing a lot of attention in the national press. For example, they’ve been noted as ‘Maker of the Month’ in Simple Things magazine; they’ve been featured in publications such as Good Design Matters and local publications like Cornwall Today; and they recently had a photo shoot and spread in Homes and Antiques magazine. Most significantly, they’ve been mentioned in The Sunday Times in March of this year. Capturing the attention of these publications and attending home and lifestyle shows has made an impact in their business growth, but also gives them the opportunity to talk about their new products that they’re continuing to develop.


“What keeps the attention going is doing lots of shows and interviews, but every time they do that, they’ve got something new to talk about: new ceramics, new ideas, they have new things coming through all the time. That peaks the interest: people come back and see something new.”
Joe Dennett
Transform coach

Studio Haran Homes And Antiques Magazine.

Since identifying who they are as a brand, solidifying what they deliver as a business, and getting attention from national press, their turnover increased by around 140%, last year, and they aim to keep growing. Furthermore, they’ve worked on expanding their premises and bringing in new revenue streams such as ceramic workshop events which they run at their studio in Perranworthal. Their focus for the next year is to enjoy the success of their collaboration with Heals, continue to expand their premises, create press packages, and look into selling their products internationally.

We’re looking forward to seeing their new product range with Heals which is launching in October and seeing their space at the Festival of Lights.

See more of Studio Haran on their website.

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