The Blue Planet Effect – ashortwalk

1st August, 2018

Transform client ashortwalk have been riding the wave of success since launching their rCUP: the world’s first reusable cup made from used cups. A shift in society toward embracing more sustainable lifestyles, since Sir David Attenborough’s messaging on the effects of single-use plastics on marine life in last year’s Blue Planet II, have led ashortwalk to increase their sales and brand awareness dramatically.

RCup The Worlds First Cup Made From Used Cups

For over 15 years, ashortwalk have been creating a variety of products made from recycled waste materials, such as plant pots made from milk bottles, house signs made from plant pots, and tide clocks made from old packaging material. Earlier this year, ashortwalk launched the world’s first coffee cup made from recycled take-away coffee cups: ‘rCUP’. This product isn’t only attractive to those embracing sustainability as part of their lifestyle, but it has been designed to work well, to be the most useable reusable on the market – it is leak-proof, easy to open and shut and keeps drinks warm. It’s caught the attention of many local independent coffee shops and retailers as well as national chains such as Nero, Waitrose and John Lewis.

This new product has had a ripple effect on the growth of ashortwalk. Not only have their sales and turnover increased, but it’s given them the opportunity to create new jobs and outsource work.

“Our turnover has quadrupled, which is 60% due to the launch of new products, and 40% due to the shift towards sustainability. To keep up with the rapid growth, we’ve had to take on three new people in roles such as operations and marketing. We’ve also had to outsource a lot of work to local freelance designers and PR/social media agencies.”
Dan Dicker
Managing Director, ashortwalk

RCup Range Of Colours

It’s been invaluable having the network of coaches at their disposal to manage the company’s rapid growth. Lead coach Luis Gordon, retail and business development specialist, has been supporting them with connecting Dan to different coaches.

“Working with Dan is great, and the whole team is fully engaged. Currently a lot of the focus is around the ‘rCUP’ and the huge opportunities it offers the business. Recently I have worked with Dan and his team around sales and marketing, with support from other coaches such as Mike Jobson and Martin Williams. The rCUP offers the business a huge opportunity and enjoy supporting Dan at this exciting time in the evolution of ashortwalk”
Luis Gordon
Lead business coach, Transform

“It’s really positive to tap into a network of coaches. We’re a small team, so we don’t have that expertise in house.”
Dan Dicker
Managing Director, ashortwalk

RCup Packaging

Transform coach Martin Williams has also supported with marketing for ashortwalk in terms of identifying the compelling differences in a product, such as the rCUP, so it stands out in a sea of reusable coffee cup competitors.

Sustainable products have to be good products first. All things being equal, for some buyers, the sustainability aspect will be a compelling difference, and a reason to buy a sustainable product over a non-sustainably-produced competitor. What’s interesting about the rCUP  is that it is, first and foremost, a great cup – leak-proof, easy to use, and better than its competitors at keeping hot liquids hot. The fact that it’s made from old disposable cups is great for the planet, and for eco-conscious consumers, that will be important in their choice. But for most buyers, the message is that it’s the best reusable cup around, and, by the way, it’s responsibly made too.”
Martin Williams
Transform marketing coach

The next steps for ashortwalk are:

  • Developing new products
  • Exporting to countries such as New Zealand and Australia
  • Bringing in new staff
  • Expanding wholesale client base

We’re excited to see the new products ashortwalk launch and how the business continues to grow.

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